Proexis: the existential program made before (re)birth

Proexis: the life program made before (re)birth 

It’s not uncommon to encounter people who have a well defined life plan, with goals for different stages to be achieved. However, among these individuals, it’s possible to find some who attribute a deeper purpose to this planning. 

These people have an inner compass that points towards the pursuit of greater tasks, which go beyond the more common practical planning, usually involving one’s profession, emotional life, and often including marriage and children, assets and travel. The life program is related to the individual’s involvement in altruistic actions that benefit others and often a large group of consciousnesses. 

Conscientiology, the science of self-knowledge and self-verification, introduces an advanced concept of life planning, coining a new term that is more aligned to its development in meaning. Thus, we have the resulting contracted term EXIStential PROgram = Proexis. 

The term Proexis is an advanced concept that involves multiexistential and multidimensional elements, that is, it takes into consideration our actions across many lives and dimensions. It’s also innovative in its meaning because the existential program is developed before a person’s rebirth, or resoma (when they are reborn into a new soma or physical body). 

The Proexis is a deep planning process that considers the characteristics already consolidated by the consciousness, with the participation of more evolved consciousnesses, as well as the consciousness that will undergo resoma or rebirth. Therefore, the proexis is something inherent, pulsating within the person, like a constant reminder of what had been planned and arranged extraphysically. 


The Centre for the Higher Study of Conscientiology (CEAEC) offers laboratories for individual and group self-research on cutting-edge topics for the evolution of consciousness. Among them is the Self-Proexology Laboratory, a place that fosters insights and the identification, understanding, and awareness of one’s existential program. 

The laboratory enables one to have introspective experiments, in order to evaluate, with self-criticism, personal achievements and priorities. This can lead the experimenter to reexamine their own intraconscientiality and intraphysical existence. It also facilitates the adjustment of one’s proexis guidelines, the maintenance of one’s multidimensional coherence and the evolutionary use of one’s current existence. 

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