Alley of Humanity's Geniuses

The Alley of Geniuses is composed of 173 sculptures of busts of personalities who have stood out throughout history, in various areas of knowledge.


1) Bust of the Alley of Humanity’s Geniuses.
A historical, timeless, desomated personality, who left a historical legacy for humanity, in any area of knowledge, contributing in a positive and cosmoethical way to the development of society and the evolution of the consciousness.

2) Indication.
The person who is going to propose a bust to compose the Alley of Humanity’s Geniuses must study the biography of the indicated personality and comply with the procedures regarding filling out the form and forwarding it to CEAEC, by email:, according to the established process. The installation of busts will not be accepted without complying with the established procedures. There is no prerequisite for the person who will make the referral, and they can be a volunteer or not a volunteer.

3) Personality Profile.
The researcher who intends to sponsor a bust must study in depth the strong traits and weak traits of the indicated personality, to be considered in PCAAG’s decision. We emphasize that weak traits with extreme profiles of warmongering, religiosity, group fascination, genocide and psychopathy will be factors that will justify the veto of inclusion in the Alley of Geniuses.

4) Institution.
CEAEC, via its Infrastructure area, is responsible for forwarding the demands of those interested in indicating and sponsoring busts of personalities to be installed in the Alley of Humanity’s Geniuses to the Permanent Commission of Analysis.

5) Permanent Commission for the Analysis of the Alley of Geniuses – PCAAG.
A commission formed by researchers of Conscientiology, with academic training, technical knowledge and Conscientiology, and who have an overall vision of the concept of the Open Air Museum of Cognopolis, the Holotheca and the Alley of Humanity’s Geniuses. It is formed by representatives of the Technical Scientific Coordination of CEAEC, Coordinators of the Holotheca, Coordinators of the Holocycle and other guests of the ICCC.

6) Busts standard.
The production of the busts follows a style and standard that is exclusive to the sculptor artist, who today is hired for the development and production work, thus preserving the trait and style of the sculpture of the busts exhibited in the Alley.

7) Sponsors.
The production and installation of busts in the Alley of Humanity’s Geniuses should preferably be funded with funds sponsored by the researcher of the biography of the indicated personality or by another interested person.

8) Goal. Currently, 173 busts are installed in the Alley of the Geniuses and we ratify that the goal at this stage is the installation of 400 busts.