The Tertuliarium

The Tertuliarium is the technical laboratory developed especially for the realization of Conscientiological Tertulias, cutting-edge debates in Conscientiology.

The Tertuliarium was inaugurated on 30/11/2008.

The Tertulias form part of a long-term course of Conscientiology. They take place every day, from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm, and are free and open to any person who is interested and the general public. In the online modality, you can access the Tertulia directly from the official website:


  • 823.32 m² of built area, with 744.88 m² of floor area.
  • 346 seats, 8 of which are for wheelchair users. People with Special Needs.
  • Audience distributed over 7 levels.
  • Metal dome with a diameter of 11.20 m and an internal height of 13.10 m at the central point, equivalent to 1 building of more than 4 floors.
  • Viewpoint for the visualization of Cognópolis.
  • Cabin for video and sound control.
  • Booth for simultaneous translation.
  • Dressing room.
  • Support room.
  • Deposits.
  • 20 toilets, 4 of which are for People with Special Needs.
  • All stairs and ramps have handrails and non-slip flooring (resistance grade class PI 5).
  • Lighting is composed of superLEDs in the dome span (30 lamps – 25 watts of power and 1000 lumens of luminous flux each), and in the other lights, incandescent lamps with reinforced filament is used. There is no emission of ultraviolet (UV) rays through artificial lighting.
  • Aluminum tiles with thermoacoustic protection (polyurethane), painted with special rubberized paint.
  • Thermoacoustic mineral wool lining.
  • All rooms are air-conditioned, except for the toilets and storage rooms. In the audience, there are devices with cold and hot air.
  • 4 exhaust fans (diameters of 30 cm) for exchanging air with the external environment, with a flow capacity of 1,200.00 m³ / every hour, enabling the renewal of the entire air cube of the audience (2,223.00 m³) in just 28 minutes.
  • Central turntable operated via remote control.
  • 32 speakers with 40 watts of power in each one.
  • 6 cameras.
  • Internet accessed through fiber optics and accessed via wireless connection by the audience.
  • Upholstered chairs with trays for laptops.
  • 120 sockets for computers. average above 1 : 3 (2.88).
  • Grounding mesh for the sockets composed of 23 copper rods of 2.40 m, with 18 around the building and 5 up to the transformer.
  • Cistern for capturing rainwater on the roof with a capacity of 20,000 liters to irrigate the CEAEC gardens.