Your immersion in Self-Experimentation is here!

Village Lodging

An optimized environment for rest, located internally at the Center for the Higher Studies of Conscientiology and surrounded by a bioenergetic ecosystem with local fauna and flora, conducive to self-experimentation of energetic signals.

It has rooms with three beds, all with toilets and all the necessary support for your stay.

Self-Research Laboratories

The Self-Research Laboratories are optimized places for the development of self-research practices, capable of potentiating the triggering of positive reactions by the accumulation of the same or similar thosenic signatures, generating an assimilation in constructive and evolutionary effects, being, therefore, cosmoethically healthy.

During the experiments, anti-dispersiveness, self-defense, multiexistential connection, energetic reconstruction and continuous research should always be sought.

Parapsychic Dynamics

A group activity, with the objective of developingdeveloping parapsychism, bioenergetics, consciential epicentrism, self- and hetero-dedintrusion and theorical multidimensional interassistance. It is directed by a consciential epicenter (epicon) and usually with the support of intraphysical monitors.

How many days will you stay with us?

7 days

10% OFF
R$ 64
99 /Month (12x)
  • Triple Room
  • 2 Credits for Self-Research Labs
  • 2 Credits for Parapsychic Dynamics

14 days

12% OFF
R$ 126
99 /Month (12x)
  • Triple Room
  • 4 Credits for Self-Research Labs
  • 4 Credits for Parapsychic Dynamics

21 days

15% OFF
R$ 191
99 /Month (12x)
  • Triple Room
  • 8 Credits for Self-Research Labs
  • 8 Credits for Parapsychic Dynamics

The Self-Experimentation Pass is a housing package offered by the CEAEC Campus, where the researcher immerses themselves in Conscientiology through experiments at the Self-Research Laboratories and Parapsychic Dynamics , in addition to staying and living at the largest conscientiological campus on the planet.

When purchasing one of the packages, your request will be evaluated by the technical team and within a period of 48 to 72 hours we will contact you for validation and scheduling of your stay.

Terms and Prerequisites:

  • The booking of the accommodation will be carried out based on the internal approval of the responsible team.
  • The accommodation will be made according to availability and the occupancy schedule.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke and consume alcoholic beverages inside the CEAEC campus.


  • We recommend a basic knowledge of the science of conscientiology through our free courses.

By purchasing accommodation, you agree to comply with the prerequisites and agree to the institution’s Terms & Privacy Policy.