VS: Vibrational State

VS: Vibrational State


From the common sense perspective that everything is energy and there are only two realities in the cosmos: Consciousness and energy, we can better understand the importance of the Vibrational State (VS).

It is possible to research for free in PDF format about the VS in the book “700” Experiments of Conscientiology” authored by Waldo Vieira, which defines the technique as “…the condition in which the energosoma and the psychosoma accelerate their vibrations to the maximum, beyond the slow vibrations of the soma, by moving their CE (Consciential Energy) by one’s will.”

Energy is the vehicle and consciousness is the agent. But what perceptions do we need to activate in order to feel the energetic body? What exercises can help enable us to have this multidimensional self-awareness?

The energosoma, or energetic body, serves as the interface between the mental and emotional bodies and the physical body. It can be compared to the glue that binds our subtle manifestation (thought + feeling + energy) to our physical manifestation. Therefore, it possesses both organic-material characteristics and subtle-immaterial characteristics. Ancient sciences have already described the energy channels through which material and immaterial energies circulate in our holosoma (soma + energosoma + psychosoma + mentalsoma).

Recent studies corroborate the concepts of traditional medicines regarding energy channels, such as the research conducted by pathologists from the University of New York and published in Scientific Reports in 2018. This study announced the discovery of one of the largest organs in the human body, which comprises around 20% of the body’s fluid, called the Interstitium.

The organic structure of the energosoma, according to research in conventional science, can be equivalent to the extracellular matrix, the interstitial fluid. The constitution of the energosoma corresponds to this connective space between cells, filled with fluid that contains substances derived from the soma´s metabolism, as well as the effects produced by the action of emotions on our hormones, which are also diluted in this interstitial fluid.

We also have the subtle and immaterial structure, which is composed of immaterial organs known as chakras and the psychosphere. These mediate our mental-emotional-energetic interactions with environments and living beings. In other words, they are interpretations based on discernment and emotions, produced by the inflow and outflow of energy through the chakras, which correspond with the soma through the glands and hormones.

This organic-energosomatic structure can be analogically compared to a river with a natural current that is flowing within us.

If we begin by training our somatic perception, we can expand it to more subtle or invisible perceptions that have an equal force and presence in our lives.

Training the soma, engaging in regular physical activities, and maintaining a healthy diet allow us to acquire knowledge about the effects of movement on the soma. This ensures somatic maintenance reflected in a good quality and flow of interstitial fluid that nourishes all cells and helps maintain this interstitial structure, thus avoiding bioenergetic blockages. However, training the soma is also training the energosoma, as they are inseparable from each other.

Studying ancient practices of bioenergetic mastery such as Qi Gong and Yoga, I have come to realize that the first perception that enables multidimensional self-awareness is mindful attention, presence, and the union of the mind (consciousness) with the soma. Through various exercises, it is possible to train the mind to be present and perceive the material and immaterial (multidimensional) sensations of existence more deeply.

Only with a present and lucid mind is it possible to perceive the basic senses of touch, hearing, smell, vision, and taste. With great attention and focus, one can expand further, seeking tranquility that allows for extrasensory perceptions (paraperceptions), thus experiencing the duality of everything, such as in breathing.

By breathing consciously, I am able to understand the physical, structural, and mechanical movement that allows the entry of air and immaterial molecules, enabling vital respiratory movement that is present in everything. It is a multidimensional movement where the material influences the immaterial and causes a movement that will in turn influence the material and so on.

Acquiring this cognition allows for an expansion from our basic senses to our extrasensory perceptions, such as perceiving parapsychic energy signals, ideative and impressional parapsychism, as well as phenomena like clairolfactance, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and countless other possible perceptions. It also includes the practice of lucidly projecting the consciousness.

Yes, it starts with mindful attention in the present moment, focusing attention on oneself and training the brain to perceive both physical and non-physical sensations at all times. Only with a trained mind that attentively perceives all sensations will it be possible to perceive this flowing movement within and outside the soma.

With the soma positioned in an aligned and relaxed manner and the mind focused on the present moment, we can begin an exercise of consciously moving this flow through the impulsion of our will, experiencing the Vibrational State (VS). Simply relax the soma so that the energies can loosen up, and through the attentive focus of the mind, we move the energies up and down, increasing the speed gradually, analogous to scanning and perceiving the details as it passes through, until the speed of the flow reaches an integral vibration.

This Vibrational State is individual; each of us will perceive its intensity in different ways because the holosoma is highly individualized, and our perception depends on the level of health maintenance, the impulsion of the will, and the level of mastery of the process, which improves with daily training.

The Vibrational State (VS) is an advanced paratechnology for self-balancing and multidimensional self-awareness. In this state, the vibratory movement balances material and immaterial structures, as well as environments, and enables us to have a practical understanding of the inherent multidimensional assistance within ourselves.


Ana Paula Prado

Ana graduated in Nursing, holds a postgraduate degree in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, and received training in Qi Gong - Xiantianwujimen lineage, and Ozone Therapy. She has been volunteering at the Conscientiocentric Institution ECTOLAB since 2015 and has been a conscientiology teacher since 2016.


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