Life in multiple dimensions

Life in multiple dimensions


The science of Conscientiology studies the consciousness – being, ego, individuality, intelligent principle, spirit, soul – in different forms of manifestation and admits that there are other dimensions outside human life, or multidimensionality, comprising diverse existential possibilities.

Conventional science governed by the Newtonian-Cartesian model reduces all existential possibilities to just one dimension. However, we are not just the physical or biological body. Consciousness is our greater reality, being more than energy and matter. Nor are we a by-product of the human brain, and in reality we can manifest beyond the body and the brain.

Through the study of Projectiology, one of the specialties of Conscientiology, it is possible to understand in practice that the consciousness manifests themselves beyond the physical dimension, and this condition is called a projective consciential state. It is when the consciousness remains lucid and can see their physical body lying on the bed, verifying that they are manifesting themselves with another body or vehicle.

The lucid projection makes it possible for the individual to become aware of the existence of other dimensions by which they can manifest themselves due to their affinities resulting from their thoughts, feelings and energies. Through a projection, they can observe that the physical reality is just a caricature of the reality found in other dimensions, which is much larger and more complex.

The deactivation of the physical body or biological death inexorably takes the consciousness to the extraphysical dimension. This state is called an extraphysical consciousness state or that which is outside the physical plane, when the individual starts to manifest themselves in more subtle bodies. Even so, your consciential reality or evolutionary level remains at the same level as it was in the intraphysical dimension.

When, through lucid projection, we start to identify other dimensions, we expand our understanding of our own reality. This discovery can generate a healthy growth crisis and cause us to revise our inner postures, principles and values, thus expanding our own universe and promoting a renewal in our personal beliefs.

The lucid projection shows us that we do not die and that many of us interact with the material dimension even if we no longer have a physical body, due to a complete lack of understanding about this reality. It also shows us that many consciousnesses suffer because they create their own hell and that others have addictions and psychopathologies.

This self-confirming experience results in the projector being more inclined to place themselves in the condition of a volunteer of assistance, therefore asking less for themselves and more for their companions in evolution. This posture is intelligent from an evolutionary point of view.

The desoma, deactivation of the physical body or biological death, will certainly not extinguish all conflicts of an internal origin that the consciousness has. But conscious projection can help to make this stage of the evolutionary process less painful, revealing to the individual who is still in physical life about those more complex realities in other dimensions.

Professor Carlos

Carlos de Oliveira

Veterinarian and instructor at the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC).


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