Do you notice the Energetic Signs in the Media Context?

Learn how to prepare yourself before you step in

Every means of communication is interdimensional, but few people know about this reality, or parareality.

Do the following experiment: watch a live broadcast and pay attention to your five senses. Now go further: pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and energies. You have just gone behind the scenes of interdimensional communication.

Communication through the Consciential Paradigm Lens

From the perspective of the consciential paradigm, when we communicate something to someone, we go beyond our five senses and we communicate in a holosomatic way, that is:

  • from the physical body, or soma, when emitting a sound and articulating words;
  • from the energetic body, or energosoma, when we emanate energies;
  • from the emotional body, or psychosoma, when we share our emotions;
  • and finally, from the mental body, or mentalsoma, when we share our ideas and intentions.

In fact, everything comes from this last vehicle, the mentalsoma, which is reflected in all the others. But it is possible a person can, for instance, speak impulsively, without thinking first. In this case, they will manifest more from the emotional body, in the first place.

Many times, a speaker or a teacher’s speech can be very well structured, however we may not feel confidence or it may seem untruthful or incoherent.

How is it possible to tell when someone is saying something coherently or when it is actually true?

Energies don’t lie. Yet, to understand this communication it requires some practice to raise awareness about what we call energetic signs, or signals, when such signs have already been mapped and have specific meanings (Tornieri, 2018).

Another way to perceive this is by experiencing the opposite, for example, something in someone’s determined speech makes us connect to them like a magnet on TV or on the internet. This person seems to emanate a type of strength and to possess moral authority to speak. Pay attention, in this case, as you may be actually feeling the energies that are being emanated along with a person’s speech.

The ideal is that every teacher or person who will give a public presentation could organize and plan beforehand, aiming to achieve the clarifying or claritaskal goal (through the claritask – or clarification task) which they propose themselves.

This planning for media participation begins with practical issues of physical organization, such as the actual availability in one’s schedule to dedicate to the content to be presented, until the cosmoethical intention of the approach that will be given to the topic to be presented.

When a person practices and maps their parapsychic signals, they will perceive when they are being coherent and when they are not. The energies of our manifestation reflect in the environment and return to us, so that’s why it is possible to notice when we are being cosmoethical or not.

Health and holosomatic balance

Another important issue is the communicator ‘s holosomatic health, which directly affects their performance. Here is a list of these items:

  • Soma: getting enough sleep; healthy eating; physical exercise.
  • Energosoma: vibrational state (VE); energetic release; symas and symdeas; lucid baiting.
  • Psychosoma: healthy social interactions; non-conflictiveness
  • Mentalsoma: intention; thosene; study; self-research; writing.

To maintain holosomatic balance or homeostasis, it is possible to establish a reference pattern and seek to keep it. We call this the homeostatic reference pattern (Martins, 2016).

For this maintenance we recommend that the person also establish the energetic and parapsychic signals of this balance, so that every time they realize they are deviating from this level, they can use energetic techniques and healthy stimulus for each vehicle of manifestation.

To know more:

The topic of this article is part of the Interdimensional Media Positioning Course, which was held on March 13th, 2022, provided by Comunicons.


Sandra Tornieri

Sandra Tornieri is an Entrepreneurial Career Mentor. She has a Master in Strategic Administration, and graduated from UFPR. She is specialized in Didactics and Teaching Methodology of Higher Education, from UNOPAR. She is a volunteer of Conscientiology and is the author of the book “Mapping Parapsychic and Energetic Signals”.


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